A Few Thoughts On Consent Experience


Some examples:

via http://en.umatex.com/
via https://www.emso.com/
via https://saabgroup.com/

A Few Ideas About Designing A Consent Experience

  • Talk to a lawyer.
  • Long consent agreements cause confusion. Link to a full explanation instead.
  • Use normal, plain language. Legal speak will scare and confuse your visitors.
  • Are you planning to use a pop up, slide-in, other type of violator? Different approaches will affect your user experience differently, so consider the implications.
  • Communicate the benefits of accepting the cookie. Businesses use these to make the visitor’s experience more relevant and helpful. This should be part of the consent experience.
  • Be a decent human being. Remember: privacy is important to people. Don’t sell data or use it to cause harm. Karma is real.



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Andy Busam is the director of digital strategy at United Therapeutics. He writes at andybusam.com.